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How To Select Best Elementor Themes

I follow more than 5 facebook groups related to Elementor page builder. In all of these groups, members frequently ask which theme works for Elementor? Which is the best theme for Elementor? Where can I find the best theme for Elementor? Or similar questions. Even though Elementor works with most of the themes, it is important to select a perfect theme for your website. In this article, I am going to share few important things you should consider to select best Elementor themes for your WordPress site.

1. Simple and Niche Based Themes

simple clean elementor themes

Most of the WordPress themes comes with tons of features like animations, multiple layouts, fonts or colors, sliders, carousels, etc. In many cases, the site you build with Elementor might not need all those features. So look for a simple theme that perfectly matches your goal. Considering niche based themes will be the smart choice. For Example, if you are looking theme for your Construction business, find themes especially developed for Construction sites rather than using Astra or OceanWP.

2. Speed and Security

WordPress theme you select plays a crucial role for the speed of your website. Normally, multi-purposes themes or highly featured themes come with bunch of features resulting higher number of external HTTP request. They load third party scripts and styles which might be counter to site speed and even increase security risk. You can use following tools to check speed of the theme you want to use.

security of WordPress sites

In addition to page speed, you need to consider the security of a site as another important factor. For this, you can select themes from, Themeforest or other marketplaces like Mojo and Template Monster. All themes need to pass tight review process on these directories and marketplaces.

3. Responsive Layout

Responsive layout is no more optional these days. Your site can be visited from laptop or handheld devices like tablets or smartphones. So the layout of your site needs to adjust with the viewport of devices browsing the site. For Elementor themes, you need to consider header, footer, archive pages and sidebar to be responsive. The content we add from Elementor page builder has an option to design for laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

responsive WordPress themes

You can check the mobile-friendly score of a theme you are going to use with Google?s Mobile Friendly Test page. The simplest way can be, copy the URL of a theme’s demo, paste it here and run the test.

4. Translation Ready

translation ready themes

Your site can be in the English language or any other languages. Maybe you need a multilingual WordPress site in the future for your own business or clients you are working. It will be wise to select the themes which are translation ready and supports multi-language plugins like WPML, Polylang or TranslatePress.

5. Support, Ratings and Reviews

Support from the theme author is another major point you need to consider while selecting themes for your Elementor based website. You can check support forum of the respective author and official WordPress or themeforest forum or comments of that particular theme to see how the authors are providing support to their users. Besides support, you can evaluate the theme on the base of ratings and reviews provided by users who have already used that theme.

6. Recommended Themes

You can find hundreds of themes for Elementor sites on, Themeforest, Template Monster and other marketplaces. Based on the features and criteria I have specified above, I have listed few themes you can use for your website.

Minimal Elementor Themes

Niche Based Themes

Wrapping it Up:

These are the few points I consider to select WordPress theme for the Elementor site I develop for me and my clients. I have developed dozens of websites using free and pro version of Elementor. Selection of theme depends on the requirement of your project. Nevertheless, you can consider 5 points I have highlighted in this article to select best Elementor themes for your business. If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestion or feedback please share them in the comment below.

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